Edwidge Danticat by Rossano Maniscalchi

Edwidge Danticat, photograph on aluminum, edition of 10, 30×20 in. |76×50 cm.

Rossano B. Maniscalchi was born in Florence. A professional photographer, his work has always been of an outstanding standard, whether in the field of portraiture, art, still life, fashion, culture, beauty and glamour photography, or in the field of advertising. He works in the United States, where he also lives for many months of the year. His work takes him to Florida, California, New York, and, naturally, Europe for promotional campaigns at the show rooms of companies such as Ferragamo Shoes, Sunglasses by Armani, Cartier, Ungaro, Gap, Guess, Limited, Stefanel, Max Mara, Calvin Klein Shoes, Stefanel, Rolex, and Mercedes. He also has engagements for the covers of many American and European magazines.

He uses his camera to create fantastic scenes, evoking a multitude of different impressions in the observer. Everything he executes in his photographs is an explanation of his personal message, surpassing the conception of photography as such and transporting us into a world of sensations and perspectives that initialise a process where he sublimates everything that is part of everyday life, in its most fundamental and most concrete aspects.

Maniscalchi’s careful studies are the result of techniques garnered over his many years of work for well known fashion salons and advertising agencies on the one hand, and, on the other, acquired through experience in the field of still life, fashion, portraiture, art, and culture. He disconnects himself from, and goes on to surpass, standard values in order to create studies that are all the more personal, all the more energetic.

He has magnificent control over the artistic picture, and makes a suggestive masterpiece explode in a contradiction of the senses. His work truly offers the fruits of his spirit, a perfect fusion of ethics and aesthetics.

In his photographs from the fields of fashion, art, or culture (where symbols are well-known for the restrictions placed on them by their preciseness), Maniscalchi plays with chiaroscuro and synthesis. Nevertheless his work contains a lot of freedom and inspiration; ever the anti-minimalist, his photographs are executed in the style of a painter.

Like all great photographers, Rossano B. Maniscalchi knows that it is of prime importance to keep his eyes open, ready to marvel and to capture, to be excited by and to be bold with the minutes of observations that can add richness and completeness to an atmosphere.

In his photography, he succeeds in fusing formal quality with theoretical exuberance, letting his subjects express themselves spontaneously, manifesting themselves in the creative value of a multitude of impressions. In its deepness, this is the personal discourse of Rossano B. Maniscalchi, free of limits, where everyone can get at his own truth.

There are hundreds of ways in which the work of Rossano B. Maniscalchi could be presented. As his professional and artistic abilities have already been well documented, I can only make the recommendation of simply observing his photographs attentively. For this man, with such a rich curriculum vitae, the duty remains of continuing in his work since he is a photographer meriting ever more interest and demand. It is also necessary to understand the need to maintain success.

His artistic work, photography from the fields of fashion, portraiture, beauty, glamour, and culture, has been exhibited extensively at art galleries and museums in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and continues to maintain an important position in the world.


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