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Do artworks sold come with a Certificate of Authenticity?  Yes, absolutely. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity together with instructions and tips on how to protect your purchase.

Do you offer your expertise to evaluate any artworks already in my collection?  Yes. Please refer to the Art Leasing Plans section on our website.

How can I see the artwork I like at home before buying?  Our Virtual Hanging service is the right service for you. Please refer to this page for more information.


Does the artwork come framed?  Not necessarily. It depends on the medium. We consider framing only if the artwork structure or medium need to be reinforced or protected, as in the case of works on paper or paper printed photographs. As a general rule, an artwork doesn’t need a frame if not contemplated and created by the artist.

Does KontemporaryArt offer reproductions of paintings for sale?  No, sorry. KontemporaryArt only offers original artworks.

Does KontemporaryArt rent art?  No, sorry. KontemporaryArt does not have a Rental Service.

Can I buy artworks from your website?  We encourage you to get in touch with our staff by sending a message or using the “Inquire about this artwork” button and let us make your purchase process a pleasant and safe experience.

Can I pay by installment?  Only Canadian residents and corporations can pay by installment or leasing plan. Please contact us for more information about this option or refer to the Art Leasing Plans section on the website.


Can art purchased at KontemporaryArt be delivered locally or shipped out-of-town?  Certainly, local delivery can be arranged with one of several art delivery firms we regularly work with. Artworks shipped out-of-town are sent well packed and fully insured by ground or air freight. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Will the painting be insured?  Yes. All parcels are fully insured when in transit.

When will I receive my artworks?  We try to process all orders so that you receive them within 28 days. If in some circumstances, an order cannot be processed within this time, we will notify you with the option of a full refund.

What if my artwork does not arrive in the given time frame?  We provide a tracking number for each within-the-country, cross-border and overseas shipment. You can track your shipment directly on the website of the courier company used. We do everything we can to meet the delivery times specified in this section. However, occasionally delivery times may be affected by factors beyond our control and therefore they cannot be guaranteed. We will inform you if we become aware of an unexpected delay. Please allow extra days for deliveries to remote postal codes.

Will I be charged taxes?  We charge tax only for Canadian residents and according to the artwork’s final destination. International customers will not be charged tax by KontemporaryArt, but they need to consult their local customs office for more details about duties and taxes.

Do you accept returns?  You can cancel your purchase at any time either before or up to 24 hours after delivery by e-mailing us at [email protected] Your product must be complete and in ‘as new’ condition, as you received it. You will receive a full refund upon satisfactory return of the goods, and the cancellation is free of charge, provided you inform us that you intend to cancel within the 24-hour period and return the goods within a reasonable period of time. Postage for the return of the goods is the responsibility of the customer. Please note that we cannot cancel your purchase if you are unable to provide proof of purchase or the goods have been damaged since delivery. Refunds are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and are issued within 7 business days of the item being received back at the gallery. The full refund would be for the amount showing on the buyer’s invoice.


Can I get pre-approved for an art lease if I have not yet selected a painting?  Yes, you can. Complete and sign the application downloadable on the Art Leasing Plans page and fax it or scan and email it to us.  Fill in a maximum price for a painting and we will provide you with various payment options.

How do I apply?  Just ask for a custom plan from the Art Leasing Plans page and you will receive the application form by email. Let us know if this method is not convenient to you, and we will send you the application by regular mail or fax.

How do I make payments?  Our partner, Art Lease Canada, will process your payment each month from your bank by pre-authorized payment/debit (PAP). The date is usually the day you pick up the art, but they can arrange another date of the month if you request this. Regrettably, we do not accept credit card payments.

How long does it take to complete the process?  From the time we get the application, it is certainly possible for a lease to be completed in 24 hours. Once you decide you wish to lease, the stages are: 1. Complete and send in the application. 2. We notify you of the arrival of your application and confirm the payment amount. 3. Art Lease Canada prepares the lease. 4. They send the lease to you. 5. You sign the documents and return them. 6. We ship your artwork.

How much will the lease cost?  Let us know the artwork/s you like and we will show you all payment options for your lease before sales taxes. You will notice that the payments are for leases of different lengths. These are our standard rates upon approval of credit.

Is art leasing for companies or individuals?  We do artwork leases for both. Both find it a convenient way to budget for art acquisitions.

Is there a buy-out or residual payment at the end of a lease?  There is a small buy-out at the end of the lease and when this is paid we will transfer ownership of the art to you. Please use the Monthly Payment Calculator to show you the buy-out for the cost of a painting you enter.

Is there any way to end a lease early?  If you want to end a lease, contact us and ask for the payout amount. We calculate payouts based on principal left owing on the lease, so you would save the interest on the remaining payments. There is no penalty. Provincial and federal sales taxes are added to the principal amount as required. You would probably want to also pay the buy-out and keep the artwork.

Is this a rental?  No, this is a lease-to-purchase arrangement.

What are the lease amounts available?  We will do a lease based on 100% of the cost of artwork from $1000 to $25,000 and we are happy to consider larger amounts if you contact us. A lease can be for one or more pieces of art at a time. The lease can be for 12 to 60 months.

What happens if the artwork is damaged while I have it on a lease?  The company, business or individual leasing an artwork is responsible for its safety. Therefore, the lease requires that you include it in your insured assets. In the event the art is damaged or destroyed, you are responsible for the lease payments until the end of the lease unless your insurance covers the amount.

What is the tax position on lease payments?  The current tax position on leases is that if they represent a valid business expense for your business they are 100% tax deductible. That is, lease payments are generally tax deductible. Therefore, if you are leasing to acquire artwork for your offices, then the lease payment is a business expense. If the artwork is for your personal use, then the lease is not tax deductible. These tax rules are the same as would apply to leasing equipment.

What sale tax rate do I pay on lease payments?  The monthly payment before tax is calculated on the cost of the art before tax. You pay sales taxes on the monthly payment based on the province where the artwork is to have its home. So if you find the art you want to lease in one province but you live in a different province, it is the province where you and the art will live that we use to calculate the taxes on payments.

Do you only arrange art leases in Canada?  We can do a lease in any province or territory in Canada. We can also do a lease in the United States as long as the client has a bank account that allows a monthly pre-authorized payment in Canadian dollars. Usually, this will be a USD account that processes a CAD payment.

Will I own the artwork at the end of the lease?  Yes. Once all the payments are made, then the title to the artwork goes to you. We send you confirmation that the painting is your property at the end of the lease.

If your question is still unanswered, please call 1-403-606-6551 or e-mail geraldine (at)