Born in Drummondville, Quebec, Latour now lives and works in the Saint-Sauveur valley in the scenic lake and mountain region of Quebec. In addition to his career in the fine arts, Latour worked for many years in visual design and advertising, including designing the official “popemobile” for Pope Jean Paul II’s Canadian visit in 1984, and this aspect of his career has contributed to sharpening his vision as an artist.

Born on June 1950, Arcade Latour discovered inks from an early age and held his first exhibition in 1965. His passion for communication and creative expression led him to graphic arts, technical design and publishing.

In 1984, he was both selected to design the Popemobile, as well as asked by Radio Canada to elaborate a concept for the lead vehicles in the papal motorcade. Lotto Quebec also called on Arcade to decide a concept vehicle that addresses the media’s specific needs.

Currently, Arcade has returned to working with inks, expressing on canvas his particular vision of forms and color for the enjoyment of collectors. His works are shown in galleries across Canada including Saveur, Montral, Drummondville, Calgary, Kelowna and New York in the USA.